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The new iOS 7

I just updated my iPhone to iOS 7 and I have to say “I love it”.

It looks pretty good except of some bugs or incomplete things.

It is a little bit too colorful but it’s simple and still minimalistic for example the music app just the Game Center is too playful.

One can see that the new iOS 7 will be magnificent and will bring a lot of cool new features to us.

All in all there are bugs and yes it isn’t a stable version for daily uses but it’s a beta version and the first one, so Apple did a great job and it’s cool to get a few “prelooks” to iOS 7 which will change everything. Again.

I am sharing my ideas/concepts

I am sharing my ideas/concepts in a second blog.

Follow me if you need good programming ideas or some kind of that.

Just got my Arduino Mega. That will be my first steps in microcontroller programming.

Maybe I’ll upload a few images soon.

Just a few thoughts

Someone should develop the ultimate entertainment app/website.
If your lie in your bed but your can’t sleep write something, when you are waiting for your meal do something, when you’re at school or work and dont have much time make a photo.
There are so many possibilities to do.
And you have to share it to your friends and the whole world.

Facebook is a good beginning to share our thoughts and chat to our friends but we need something that let us do nearly everything at the computer or smartphone.

Is that possible?
Does everyone develop something like this?
Is that the future?

Are that just thoughts or is that my next big project?

That were my last thoughts I can remember before I was sleeping.
Will someone create my dream? Or do I have to do it?

Developer tools

Today I’ll show you which tools I am using when I develop something. The most of this tools are used by nearly all developer.

The first tool is an IDE, the weapon of every developer. It doesn’t matter which one you use. There are so much IDEs. I prefer Eclipse for normal Java development and Aptana Studio for web development. But it’s your choice. I recommend Eclipse because it’s free, very extensive, in the Eclipse marketplace are many plugins to increase the Eclipse features to a nearly unlimited amount. Aptana is based on the Eclipse layout and has all tools for a successful web project.

The second really important tool is a simple text editor with syntax highlighting, auto complete and a quick and clear interface to edit small files quick and reliable. I am using Sublime text a very stylish editor with a lot of features and a very quick interface. Sometimes I develop whole web projects with Sublime. It’s the fastes text editor I ever used. If you need an alternative or you doesn’t like Sublime you can use Nodepad++ too. I used it bevor and it’s very extensive editor, maybe more extensive then sublime but I love Sublime’s speed and interface.

The third tool is Dropbox to save all my files, so I can’t use it and I can send my files to other people. Dropbox is the easiest way to save all your files in one place and have them on every device. Dropbox isn’t the only cloud but I love it because it has a very beautiful and clean interface. It’s possible to take a look at my files and codes on every device. There are many ways to get more space for free.

The next tool you probably know. It’s Skype. I am using Skype to talk to teammates, to get new ideas and to help other people. If you need help ask me. My name is Devil0s. In the past I used msn but Skype is the better choice.

The fifth tool is GIMP2. It’s Photoshop in free. Sometimes I am using Paint too but only when I want to resize an image or cut something. It’s required to make any kind of graphics.

The last but one is my web browser. I am using Google chrome. I prefer chrome because I love the clean interface and the fast browsing. I have all my bookmarks on all of mine devices. In my opinion chrome is the best browser ever written. Thank you Google.

The last tool is… Minecraft. I think that every developer has a game to play when he is bored. So mine is Minecraft. It’s a beautiful game with a lot of mods and a nearly unlimited world. You can’t get bored. It’s impossible.

New Year

We are celebrating the beginning of 2013 with a big boom and much noise.

But who will clean up all the dirt on the ground?

We are clinking glasses and drinking alcoholic drinks.

But who will wash up all dishes?

A happy new year to everyone.

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

 The Tyger by William Blake

A few words…

It’s the 31th December 2012, the last day of the year 2012, and I decide to create a Tumblr account.
So after a few clicks I can write my first words to you.
Thanks for reading.